Featured Healer, Carol Komitor

On June 9, 2018

“Healing” is an all-encompassing word that stretches far beyond the physical realm.  There’s spiritual, vibrational, visual, touch, emotional – the list is endless. And the beauty of healing is that all modalities are connected in a special way – they all address the three aspects of existence: body, spirit, and consciousness.

“We humans have layered systems that encompass our physical, emotional, and mental bodies,” explains Carol Komitor, one of the brilliant healers in my book, The Pet Healer Project. “In animals, that system is integrated, not layered, like little pixels in a digital picture that encompass the animal’s electromagnetic field.”

Carol Komitor demonstrating healing techniques on a friendly horse.Carol is the founder and director of Healing Touch for Animals, an energy-based modality of Healing Touch that is used to provide whole body wellness. It is intended to enhance traditional health care – not replace it.

According to her website, Healing Touch for Animals “assists animals with their health and well-being, behavioral issues, physical, mental, and emotional healing, and the enhancement of the animal/human bond through energetic connections and the application of energy medicine techniques.”

I was drawn to Carol and her work immediately, especially after hearing her beautiful story of working with an eight-year old Golden Retriever named Tellie, who was diagnosed with an aggressive, “terminal” cancer. Her owner, Mikki, was devastated and desperate, and sought out an alternative to chemo.

I won’t give away the ending (you have to read her story to find out!), but I assure you, it is nothing short of miraculous. In addition to hands-on energy therapy, Carol told me about methods she used on Tellie – and on other animals – that I found fascinating. And I’d like to share three of them with you today.

First, energy work. Sounds self-explanatory – working with the body’s energy – but the process in which it works (and how Carol explains it), is complex yet simple to understand.  Energy treatment initiates relaxation to the animal’s body; relaxation releases endorphins; endorphins relax the muscles; relaxed muscles increase circulation; oxygen levels are elevated; body absorbs more nutrients; enzymes build for proper digestion; this regulates the hormones; toxins are released; healthy cells grow; and healing occurs.

Next, essential oils. The emotional and physical benefits of these oils are just as powerful with animals as they are with humans. Since they are distilled from plants, essential oils can enhance a persons’ or animal’s immune system naturally. Carol used essential oils Copaiba (to reduce pain and loosen muscles) and Frankincense (to boost immunity, relieve chronic stress, and reduce pain and inflammation) on Tellie.

Third, a technique called Bridging. As Carol explains it in Pet Healer Project, “A bridging technique is often used for animals that are scattered or fragmented due to illness, injury, or personality disorder. This technique balances and clears the energy field and brings wholeness into place.”

Specifically, “once you are centered, place one hand on the chest at the animal’s heart chakra, the other in front of the withers on the throat chakra. As the energy runs through you into the animal, you send your message with words or thoughts to them, pausing with your words between each step as you facilitate the energy flow.”

The Healing Touch modality has been used by more than 75,000 healthcare practitioners worldwide – and Carol is spreading her work throughout the world with the courses she teaches.

“To be an emotional support for animals through their energetic field is a wonderful job,” Carol says. “I am proud to be among the voices that speak for their continued safety and existence on the planet.”

Have you had an experience with healing that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you!

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