Your Dog’s Moods and Behaviors, Explained through Chakras

On July 23, 2018

Dog chakras

Understanding animal healing, for me, begins with understanding the root of where the healing takes place. Many of the healers in my book refer to the animal’s “chakras” – and I wanted to understand what that meant.

Humans have chakras, as do animals. But what are they? According to an article in Animal Wellness Magazine, “Chakras are a main component of the energy field. They are the vehicle through which your dog absorbs and assimilates vital life force energy. This energy is then filtered throughout the chakra system. When there are imbalances or blockages in the chakras, it can inhibit assimilation, resulting in physical, emotional, or behavioral symptoms.”

The healers in The Pet Healer Project work with a number of different animals, but I decided to learn about the chakra of a dog – because they are so similar to those of a human. As an avid dog-lover, I wanted to have a deeper understanding of what my dog goes through emotionally, physically, and spiritually. What could bring me closer to my dog, Maddie, than understanding these things?

Here is a list of a dog’s seven main chakras (and how to tell if they’re in or out of alignment!):

  1. The “Root Chakra” runs along the spine of your dog. It governs survival, energy, physical stamina, and a sense of safety, security, and belonging for your dog. The energy in this chakra rules the spine, as well as the skeletal system, legs, feet, and immune system. So what does this look like for your dog? If the root chakra is in alignment, your dog will feel trustful and confident…he will usually get along with everyone, including humans and other dogs – and be a pleasure to be around. If this is out of alignment, your dog will feel timid, fearful, and nervous. If your dog’s root chakra is overactive, she might be greedy and unsure, with behaviors such as becoming possessive over her food bowl or toys.
  2. Your dog’s “Sacral Chakra” is her energy that deals with emotions, feelings, and sexuality. In other words, it is the center of emotions for your dog. Located on the belly (above the sex organs), misalignment with this chakra means your dog may experience back pain or show jealous or possessive behaviors. When in alignment, your dog will feel open to love and affection, and will express feelings appropriately, without being too frantic or intense.
  3. The “Solar Plexus Chakra” is located on your dog’s upper chest (a few inches back from the front legs), and deals with his or her determination, assertion, and playfulness. When this chakra is balanced, your dog will feel in-control and confident. An imbalanced chakra will make him feel passive, timid, or skittish. He may also have digestion problems or even eating disorders.
  4. The “Heart Chakra” is located near your dog’s heart and chest area. If you want a loving, kind, and affectionate dog, this must be in alignment. Otherwise, your dog might feel fearful and cold, and might keep you at a distance, emotionally.
  5. An aligned “Throat Chakra,” located near the upper throat area, allows your dog to express herself and make her own needs known. When out of line and underactive, your dog might feel timid and introverted, while an overactive throat chakra may result in your dog barking needlessly or being manipulative.
  6. A “Third Eye Chakra,” when in balance, makes it easy for your dog to live happily in a world of dogs and humans. Located between the eyes, a few inches up on the head, this chakra is all about intuition, dreams, vision, insight, and self-knowledge. When not in alignment, your dog might feel needy and easily confused.
  7. The “Crown Chakra” energy gives your dog the ability to live comfortably in the world. She is aware of what’s going on around her and where her place is. If out of alignment, your dog may feel as though he or she does not quite fit in – the dog nobody wants to play with at the dog park.

Doing this research, I became even more fascinated with animal energy healing than I already was after interviewing the healers for The Pet Healer Project. The way our energy works – and the energy that animals posses as well – is so complex yet so simple, I think. Every area of the body works together; everything has a purpose.

I hope this information was enlightening to all dog owners whose fur baby could use a little alignment, and for further information, my book has website references for all of the healers I featured. Be well!

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