James French and The Trust Technique in Action

On August 30, 2018

James French using the Trust Technique with Cheyenne and her foal at the Salt River Wild Horse Management GroupA wild horse in Arizona named Cheyenne is facing an extremely grim prognosis right now and James French, featured healer in The Pet Healer Project who pioneered the gentle yet powerful healing Trust Technique, is there to help.

Cheyenne, a mare with a new foal, is suffering from either a fracture or severed tendon, and has a severe infection around the injury. Veterinarians said euthanasia was the best option for Cheyenne, but the volunteers at Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, who dedicate their time to protecting the wild horses living near the Salt River, have not given up yet.

Because she is a wild horse, vets could not get close enough to take an X-ray of Cheyenne’s injury in order to figure out where the problem was and how best to treat it. This would have meant forced sedation, and could have put Cheyenne into shock or even worsened the injury.

Volunteers at SRWHMG called on James, who, in The Pet Healer Project, tells how his Trust Technique offers “a whole new level of interaction that works in unity with the emotions, and develops the spirit of the animal as well as the human.”

The blog post from SRWHMG states: “Right now, we are using the Trust Technique to get quick results since time is of the essence. Because of the fast progress [James has] made, we have been able to administer critical antiseptic solution and colloidal silver right on the wound and she has eaten bute and antibiotics for her pain and inflammation.” She also self-selected to eat creosote, a native plant that has pain relief and healing properties.

What an impressive start.

In The Pet Healer Project, the following excerpt begins to explain just what the Trust Technique is: “[James’] sessions are quiet and still; he sits in a field with the animal (or if necessary, just outside the stall), empties his mind, and quietly contemplates the horse – or any animal – until gradually it grows calm and lies down next to him, often going to sleep.”

James says, “It’s about getting the limbic system – the part of the brain associated with emotions and memories – of horse and human in sync. The Trust Technique teaches mindfulness, how to let go of your own thinking.”

Hopefully this calming technique will bring the relief and healing that Cheyenne needs right now. Please keep an eye out for updates in future posts on this blog.

James teaches video and in-person Trust Technique courses so pet owners can perform their own healing – in addition to the on-site work he does.

If you’d like to learn more about the Trust Technique visit their website and they will give SRWHMG 25% if you buy their course and mention that you saw their videos about Cheyenne on the SRWHMG website!



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