The Book of Tibetan Elders


with a forward by His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Sandy Johnson traveled the world meeting and interviewing the greatest spiritual leaders of our time. From the dusty plains of Native America to the soaring Himalayas seeking answers to our most pressing questions about spirit, health, and life.

Travel with her through India, deep into secret, sacred Tibetan rituals, and into the heart of Brazil to meet the now famous John of God. Meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama who agreed to write the forward to The Tibetan Book of Elders. Meet the Oracle of Wanla who lived in a 13th-century village atop a 14,000 ft. mountain and could see deep inside Sandy’s life. Meet the State Oracle who in ceremonial dress dances himself into a trance and advises the Dalai Lama on affairs of state.

Quotes for

The Book Of Tibetan Elders

“When an accomplished writer sets out on a journey to interview the Tibetan diaspora of Buddhist elders, she immediately finds herself transformed from journalist to seeker. Sandy Johnson’s extensive travels take her around the world for interviews with Tibetan priests, oracles, and lay devotees that unearth the plush vitality of Tibetan Buddhism. She elicits a panoply of responses from a living treasure trove: men and women who relate their own experiences of the communist takeover of Tibet, traditional Tibetan medicine, and travels to the mythical land of Shambala. Stirring forward by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.” — Amazon

“…remembrances of China’s 1959 occupation of Tibet and subsequent intrusions on Tibetan ways are the most absorbing episodes of the book: the period of sizing up, then full-scale invasion, the flight of Tibetans to India and from there to the four corners, the Red Guard years, the fabric of daily life torn to ribbons…” – Kirkus Reviews

“With a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, The Book of Tibetan Elders is an unprecedented and stirring chronicle of some of the world’s most precious wisdom, gathered here in an attempt to bring it back from the brink of destruction.” Amazon


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