The Cuppi

THE CUPPI (Delacorte/Dell 1979) is a fictionalized account of a twelve-year-old runaway. THE CUPPI (a police acronym for Circumstances Undetermined Pending Police Investigation) was the first book to deal with the then rising epidemic of teen-aged children taking to the streets. Because of the extensive research involving interviews with dozens of runaways, Johnson was called upon to lecture to parent-teacher groups, and law enforcement and social agencies, and made numerous TV appearances: Washington and Philadelphia morning shows, Good Morning America, The Mike Douglas Show, among them.

As a result of her personal crusade, sections of the book were read into the Congressional Record, and twelve crisis shelters opened in major cities. Stories appeared in newspapers and magazines around the country, including a four-page spread in People Magazine. Features ran in Newsday, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Liz Smith’s column, and received rave reviews in The New York Times, Publishers Weekly and the Wall Street Journal. The Library Journal featured Johnson’s photograph on its cover. THE CUPPI was published in France (Gallimard) and UK (Hodder and Stoughton) and was a Literary Guild Selection.

The CUPPI, A book By Sandy Johnson

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