The Thirteenth Moon; a Journey into the Heart of Healing

The Thirteenth Moon, A Book By Sandy Johnson

The Thirteenth Moon; a Journey into the Heart of Healing is the poignant, often humorous, and always inspiring true story of the most incredible and personal journey of Sandy Johnson’s life… curing herself from Stage IV cancer. Yet this is not a typical cancer memoir or how-to health book. Written with the cinematic sweep of a riveting novel, it reveals a way to healing that can be accessed by anyone facing the battle of their life. This trajectory doesn’t simply reject traditional medicine, but accepts and incorporates it into a larger whole, with a metaphysical component that takes the patient where no conventional doctor can go. Facing her own mortality, Johnson sought out both healers and mainstream scientists. They helped her understand that the source of all healing lies within us, but that each person must find his or her own path. Johnson found hers through heartfelt faith and the help of some amazing individuals – some of whom are leaders in mainstream medicine, and others whom western medicine would characterize as crackpots. Yet labels can be deceptive. Sandy Johnson is now cancer free. The Thirteenth Moon, a Journey into the Heart of Healing will resonate with millions of readers seeking high inspiration and solid, real-world hope.



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