Walk a Winter Beach

Walk A Winter Beach, A Book by Sandy Johnson“Walk a Winter Beach primarily concerns the quest of an honest cop for his wife’s killer, so it can be classified as a police procedural. But it has much more to offer than the routine procedural, what with a moral crisis, a romance, a Mafia element, some unusually well-drawn types and a lot of activity in Montauk, L.I.

“The hero is Jake Ryan, a lieutenant in the New York Police Department. He is smart but not obnoxiously so, literate but not learned, brave but not foolhardy. In short he is a real person rather than a collection of supreme virtues. That is typical of Ms. Johnson’s approach toward her characters. She tries to see them whole, and for the most part she succeeds. Even the Mafia fellow, an elderly Jewish man with a great deal of charm and lots of quaint, old fashioned notions, emerges as a believable and unusual character in his own right.”

Crime, Newgate Calendar, New York Times

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